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Integrating with Reddit on /r/QuantumInformation

As a trial, ICIQ is testing an integrated connection to Reddit which has some interesting features to allow open-source developments and high engagements. Our trial subreddit is called /r/QuantumInformation. Please voice up if you have a good idea on how to make it work better than now. Features... Read more

Summer group study on Quantum Chaos, Randomness, Scrambling and Scientific Computing Basics

As before, we will have a summer study plan for this year. Proposed main topics: Chaos, randomness and scrambling. Basic skills for scientific programming (CQuIC computing workshop). The time is from May 19th to Aug 9th (flexible). If you are interested to participate, comment below Xiaodong ... Read more

Summer group study on Advanced Topics in Quantum Optics II

laser cooling and optical pumping As before, we will have a summer study plan for this year: Advanced Topics in Quantum Optics II. Proposed main topics: Optical pumping Laser cooling matrix/tensor product state representation of many-body systems (let’s see if time permits) The time is from June 1st to July 29th (flex... Read more

Enable comments and forums

Now you can add comments and discuss sophisticated questions on our topical forums on this site! This has been made possible by reprogramming the site with Jekyll and integrating with Disqus functionalities. Comments are enabled on some pages, like this one (see bottom). We have also created a co... Read more

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We do not belong to any for-profit company; we are not affiliated to any institue; we know no border... We are individuals who are studying or working in the science and technology of Information, Computation, artificial Intelligence and/or Quantum physics, and are active to lead our future for the better with full responsiblity. We condense our anonymous power as an entity, which we can call ICIQ Open Community, to create opportunities for each other to learn and discover possiblities, and to interact and reach some optimal paths for us to advance. Take action, now, and become one of us. Enjoy freely editing website (see wiki pages for technical details)!