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ICIQ Community Open Project

This is not a one-time-run project. You can contribute to our community knowledge base at any time! Notice that, the DAMOP 2015 meeting by APS now also has a Physics Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon session starting from 2015!
General Purpose and Statement for the Wikipedia Project as a Demo

As inspired by a final project of Ivan Deutsch's Quantum Optics class, you are invited to create a “Wikipedia Article” on a subject in the broad field of quantum physics, information, computation and intelligence science of special interest to you.

Wikipedia is a very widely used database for checking scientific items. However, there are many jargons are not collected; there are also errors and imperfections in existing pages; beyond English, people are also looking for wikipedia pages in their native languages... Maybe in most cases, you can still make an improvement on any existing or closely related page on your topic you are interested by adding more details or correcting some errors. If you decide to write an entire new article, the length of the article needs not to be very long. While the America's Thanksgiving is coming on Nov 28, I hope this small project is a good way to say THANKS to our community!

To make this open project full of fun, we'd like to add some SOFT DUE DAYS. In reality, you are always welcome to make an improvement on wikipedia pages at any time you want. Hope this is just a beginning!

Soft Due Dates:
  • Dec 10, 2013: Title, abstract or proposed of the project, filled in the Google Doc spreadsheet. At least one reference you plan to use should be reflected in your wikipedia page. If existing Wikipedia articles about your project exist, it is better to reference them and describe how your article will be substantially extended, or be different from these. Feel free to announce your work progress in our community page, so that you can easily get meaningful peer reviews and make good friends.
  • Jan 10, 2014: Project due for writing. Everyone comments on any others' wikipedia page through the Google Doc form, if interested. Improvements can still be made to the wikipedia pages (actually, you can edit it at any time. So do the comments on the Google Doc spreadsheet).
  • Jan 15, 2014: All recorded wikipedia project information will go to this open project page. We will also announce several "best wikipedia pages" in our Google+ Communitypage.

There are numerous tutorials on the web about how to create a page. To proceed, create a user account on Wikipedia. You can draft your article in your user “sandbox.” Watch the tutorial. Once you give your article a subpage on your user site in Wikipedia, you will be able to share your draft with other users for previews. A good way to see how editing is done is to look at the source of other pages. If you are not comfortable with the Wikipedia “markup language,” there is now a WYSIWIG visual editor. You turn this on in your preferences. It seems very user friendly for simple things. Some of the experiences and contents are borrowed from Ivan's Quantum Optics class project I mentioned above. Wish you find it meaninful.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Qi (orginally posted in ICIQ G+ Communityon Nov 26, 2013.)

* Notice that, we just want to show that a positive community impulse can be achieved very easily. Feel free to bring our experiences here to your next community actions--where your small step to a sustainable community can inspire a big change across the whole world, and where you can always resort to whenever you need. *

Wikipedia Articles Have Been Started by ICIQ Volunteers
Starter/Editor Article Topic Contact Info Other Info
Adrian Chapman Quantum Linear Optical Circuits (Complexity) ude.mnu@nampahcka Page reviewed and posted.
Jonathan Gross Quantum stochastic calculus ude.mnu@ssorgaj Page reviewed for a high quality and posted.
Xiaodong Qi Linear Optical Quantum Computing moc.liamtoh@s0002i Page reviewed and posted.
Alec Landow Ramsey Interferometer ude.mnu@wodnala Page reviewed and posted.

Other Useful Links and Notes
  • Cheatsheet of Wikipedia makeup language.
  • There have been some other wikipedia-like websites (most in English) collecting some definitions for quantum information science, such as Quantiki. Our call-up, here, is highly recomend to creating wiki-articles that have never been created on the internet (including those wikipedia-like websites) or are badly written in We choose wikipedia as the target website, mainly because wikipedia is widely used in our daily life in different languages, and has the same open-spirit as ours. We are certainly grateful to people who created encyclopedia articles beyond
  • You can learn some experiences of successful submissions from recent submissions.
  • You are also highly welcome to be a reviewer so that you can accept/deny freshly baked articles listed below to be created. Just follow this guideline. You may need a certain amount of wikipedia contributions to be able to accept/reject a recent submitted but pending-for-review wikipedia article.

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