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General Purpose and Statement for The First Run

We create this open project for the ICIQ open community to track recent progress in the cutting-edge research fields of ICIQ, and to identify some possible roadmaps to realize practice quantum information processing.

To reduce workload while focus on exchanging ideas with scientific references, we tentatively choose mindmap and the Docear UI as our basic tool for this project. Ideas and references can be expressed by drawing mindmaps. We also setup a GitHub repository to host associated files for people who want to synchronize and contribute to this project. All mindmaps should be both versioned in the repository and linked on the observe page with a screenshot. Certainly, we are open to any better solutions to improve this process of exchanging ideas.

You are welcome to extend present mindmaps and/or create your own mindmaps on related topics. It will be great if you can provide supporting references on your ideas. You don't have to provide every references to support your ideas--quality is over quantity. Thanks for your contributions!

Roadmaps Have Been Started by ICIQ Volunteers
Starter Roadmap Topic Email of Starter License
Xiaodong Qi Theories and Implementations of Quantum Computing moc.liamtoh@s0002i GPL v3.0 or above.
Privacy-aware Quantum Info Applications
Instruction of Usage
  • File format: Mindmap made through Docear ( Freeplane compatible).
  • Content:
    • The mindmap on the first row of the table above gives a birdview of theories on information processing and some possible implementations of quantum information processing. Practical design requirements, applications and possible programming languages are always listed. References and branches are keeping updated depending on the authors/editors' reading progress.
    • The second mindmap in the table above starts some thoughts on privacy-aware quantum information applications. As we may have noticed, quantum information technologies may be as powerful as the nuclear weapons. We would better ensure all our studies and utilities of these technologies under our highest standards of ethics (see PRISM as an example). So, we would like to start accumulating ideas and progresses on avoiding privacy-peeking at the physics root.
  • Download and Synchronize: A preview version of the mindmap can be downloaded through the links in the table above. The nightly building version can be cloned through the project repository.
  • Other notes: References are given in terms of BibTex entries, which may not link to correct PDF files if you don't have existing files to link in your project folder. Except for the linking problem, you can download the mindmap and use it to manage your references and ideas. Individual updates on this mindmap are highly welcome! If you would like to add some nodes on the current mindmaps, we suggest you to create or use your own branch so that everyone who is synchronizing the mindmaps can choose if they want to merge your contributions to their version. We are looking for a better workflow/process on this type of collaboration.

Project Wishlist
  • Better solution to visualize and collaborate on expressing ideas and references online.
  • Detailed and feasible workflows on adding mindmap nodes and accepting nodes for sparsed users. To be tested and verified.
  • More roadmaps on subjects of ICIQ.

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