Group Study

Advanced Topics in Quantum Optics I

This course has ended. You can still ask questions on our ICIQ Google+ Community.
General Purpose and Statement

We start this study group to learn some advanced topics in Quantum Opitcs. We will basically follow Ivan Deutsch's Quantum Optics II class. Lecture vedios, lecture notes, homeworks and other reading materials will be available online as the class progresses. We welcome people with some basics of quantum optics and graduate level of quantum physics to join us. The associated class page from 2013 Fall term can be found here.

Study Plan and Class Website
The study class will cover the following topics: Nonclassical Light, Entanglement, Open Quantum Systems, Measurement Theory, and Applications in Quantum Information Science. Detailed syllabus and contents can be found at the class website . We will basically follow the syllabus with some possible delay. We are also open to extended topics as time matches on. Maybe no one will grade your homeworks, but doing homework is very helpful to understand study topics, and discussions beyond solutions of homeworks can be carried on within our Google+ community.
Contact information and discussion forum