Non-for-profit organization network with the ICIQ community:

  • ICIQ: the open community stands for Information, Computation, Intelligence and Quantum. We have scientists, journalists, enterprineurs, students and many other professionals who are interested in crossing the boundaries between classical and quantum information sciences to shape the future and organize group studies, online talks, open discussions and news sharing. Check out our QuantumInformation subreddit and Google+ community on quantum information science (the biggest as of Feb 2016).
  • JuliaQuantum: for establishing standards and computational libraries in Julia for quantum science and technology. JuliaLang is the head organization of the Julia programming language; and JuliaCN is the Julia programming language organization for Chinese speakers.
  • CQuIC@GitHub: for CQuIC members who do code for science.

Sharing code repositories

ICIQ and friends' Open-source Repositories

This is an automated index to the top 12 public Github repositories by ICIQ and friend-organizations. All of them are released under open-source initiative licenses, so you are free -- and invited! -- to use and distribute. You are also encouraged to send pull requests with corrections or improvements on these community common resources.

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